Revolutionary Advancement in Storage Containers for Water & Other Liquids

Examples of Applications

“I live in a charming Eastside adobe in Santa Fe and the Historic Commission is very particular about maintaining a sense of place. I want to conserve all the water I can but I don’t want to disturb my mature landscaping with an underground tank…”

“My family goes back generations in northern New Mexico and we live on a ranch. Our livestock need lots of water at the barn and our plastic storage tanks are constantly freezing in the cold weather….”

“We own a second home in the gated community of Las Campanas. We love the design of our home but the builder didn’t understand about water conservation 5 years ago. We need to provide the Architectural Review Committee with our plan to capture rainwater from all our roofs…”

“I live on one of the Eight Northern Pueblos of New Mexico. We are committed to conserving all our natural resources, including water. Being self-sustaining represents independence and security for our community. How do we upgrade and integrate what we already have in place…?”

“Living in Florida would seem like we wouldn’t have to worry about water. The reality is that the basement of our home is constantly flooding because drainage was not taken into consideration when our home was built. Is there a way to divert our roof water away from our home into some kind of attractive storage tanks in our yard…?”

“Our company owns a multi-story building in downtown Albuquerque. We have internal drainage from our large roof. Could we start storing all the rainwater to flush 25 toilets for example? Is this possible? The money we save just by doing the right thing would mean a big difference to our bottom line…”

“The schools in our town have been facing budget cuts for years and we need to save money to keep them open. Many of us are thinking that becoming more sustainable by harnessing our renewable resources (like rainwater and the sun) is the new paradigm. Is there an attractive and colorful solution to water catchment so we can ‘make a splash’ to excite our community in this idea? Creating exterior sculpture that collects roof water would be ideal…”

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